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SIGNING: OCT 25 – Horrorcon at Book Bin East in Salem, OR


Join us at Book Bin East in Salem, OR for a major signing event.

at 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Horrorcon at Book Bin East

2235 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, Oregon 97305

From Book Bin East’s event page:

On Saturday October 25th at 7pm( just in time for Halloween ) horror writers from all over will be descending upon Salem for the great event of Horrorcon. You will meet:

William F. Nolan (Author of Logan’s Run)

Elizabeth Engstrom

Allen M. Clark

Bruce Holland Rogers

Jason V. Brock

David Barker

Edward Morris

Jeff Burk

Dan Clore

Adam Gallardo

Tiff Zilla

Eraserhead Press

Cycatrix Press

Dark Regions Press

Deadite Press

Lance Thingmaker and Creepy Craft

Come join the fun and dress in your favorite costume if you so desire.


More information can be found on the event page on Facebook:

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