Wilum H. Pugmire chats with William F. Nolan and Jason & Sunni Brock!

The Baphomet, adopted symbol of some Left-Hand...
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Author Wilum Pugmire leads a discussion with genre legend Nolan and his cohorts Jason and Sunni Brock— fresh from their appearance at Lovecraft’s Visions — HPL@SAM about their new anthology The Devil’s Coattails,  looming appearances at SF in SF and The Buffalo International Film Festival, the upcoming JaSunni Productions documentary The AckerMonster Chronicles (concerning the life of famous monster Forrest J Ackerman) and much more!!

Many thanks Wilum!






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  2. My darlinks, it was so sweetly awesome to have you here. You brighten life with your passions and beauty. It had, up until you’s and the other crew popped in, one of ye most ghastly week-ends of all my number’d days, & having such wonderful friends come see me made it so much better. My thanks and love.

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