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Great Weekend – Seattle Mini-Vacation

Image of Bruce Taylor from Facebook
Image of Bruce Taylor

We just got back from a great long-weekend in Seattle with William F. Nolan in tow.

Thursday, we did the MS thing and then had dinner with Greg and Astrid Bear. The Bears have a gorgeous lake front home, and treated us to a delicious Mediterranean spread. Yum. We talked about our adventures in Europe, traded stories about Ray Bradbury, and exchanged autographs for books.

Friday, we visited with Bruce Taylor, the pioneer of Magical Realism. Bruce showed off his remodeled condo in the international district. We drank wine and talked for hours.

Friday evening we ate dinner at Highline Bar on Capitol Hill. They have amazing vegan food. Then we shopped along Broadway and Jason got some new threads at Metro.

We returned to our hotel in Bellevue and hung out at the hotel bar until it closed. Bill ordered a rum punch, I had a martini, and Jason ordered a gimlet. We talked until the bar closed and then headed back to our rooms.

Saturday, we met Arian and Sandra Lori-Amini at their house, and then took their boat out for a spin on Lake Washington. We drank some Champagne on the lake, then headed over to Ivar’s for some fries. Afterwards, Arian scared the crap out of us by driving fast and doing some crazy moves on the water.

We went back to their place in Kirkland,  and Arian took Bill for a spin in the Lamborghini. After Bill peeled himself off the seat, we went out for dinner to Bamboo Garden on Queen Anne, and then to dessert at Molly Moon‘s. Lavender Honey ice cream!

Then we watched The Hangover and stayed over.

This morning, we went to Hector’s for breakfast and then checked out the car show in Kirkland. Bill told us stories about his Austin Healey and racing days.

What a blast!

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