New Documentary THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT Has Forrest …

New Documentary THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT Has Forrest J. Ackerman Communicating From The Other Side


Forrest J. Ackerman will forever be a member of horror royalty and everyday that he is gone we miss him that much more. December 4th 2008 will always be a sad day for horror. In light of this, a new documentary has come to our attention about Ackerman you might want to notice. Check it out below.

From writer/producer/director Paul Davids comes The Life After Death Project, and it focuses on the very real possibility of after death communication, particularly with Forrest J Ackerman. The film, which airs on the Syfy Channel May 15 before getting a two-disc Collector’s Edition DVD release nationwide on July 16, features interviews with authors Richard Matheson, Whitley Strieber, Dannion Brinkley, and Michael Shermer as well as scientists and top tier mediums.

This is a 50/50 for us. On one hand it’s totally exploitative yet on the other hand, old Ackerman might have dug this idea. You decide.


A mesmerizing “CSI”-caliber quest for proof of life after death. Four New York Times best-selling authors, three top science professors, and three well-respected mediums make a leap into the unknown, investigating astonishing evidence in the case of apparent “After Death Communication” (ADC) from sci-fi luminary Forrest J Ackerman. The film journeys from spiritualists to skeptics and from chem labs to ground-breaking computer software that may enable communication between the living and the deceased.


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New Documentary THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT Has Forrest …


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