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Brilliant artist Wolfgang Grasse passes on…

Jason and Ernst Fuchs at the Chapel
Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr (Jason and Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Klagenfurt, Austria)
This happened a couple of years ago, but my feelings are the same as the day I wrote this blog:

The death of Herr Grasse is tragic.

I am in the process of a major film on the art of the amazing Visionary masters (detailing the imagery/processes/iconography that they have created/used and that has remained in the collective unconscious, from Bosch and Bruegel the Elder to the present, especially the juxtaposition of traditional symbols and fetishes with the modern [or then-modern] world). I have interviewed many of the world’s greatest artists/sculptors/photographers,  including the best in Fantastic Realism and Surrealism (such as Prof. Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Roger Dean, J.K. Potter, Viktor Safonkin, De Es, Robert Williams, Bruno Weber and many others). Wolfgang Grasse was at the top of my list to conduct an interview with.

I had gotten to know him via mail correspondence; I feel that we had become friends, as we had spoken on the phone, and also had e-mails fairly regularly. The books and materials that he sent I will always treasure.

He was one of the main reasons that I was planning to visit Australia/Tasmania in the coming months. Another will be to interview Jon Beinart and Damian Michaels. He was an outstanding artist of magical, beautiful works, an interesting and compassionate human being, and a very nice man. He will be sorely missed.

(To his family: Sunni and I send our deepest regret, and a sincere hope that you will find comfort in his accomplishments and long life. Enjoy a little of his work below…)

Angels of Music
Gustrow Memento
Lot's Daughters
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