Meow! Stowaway kitty is on the mend (and finds his voice)

Los Angeles County DACC

Ni Hao already has dozens of foster parents and adopters interested in taking him home after he recovers.

Ni Hao, the stowaway kitten from Shanghai, meowed for the first time Tuesday morning at the Carson Animal Care Center in California.

“We finally got to hear his voice,” Aaron Reyes, deputy director of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, told “It sounds like a sputtering single-engine plane.”

Los Angeles County DACC

Ni Hao couldn’t open his eyes when he first arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center, but now the kitten can roll around on his own.

The 3-month-old is in stable condition, but still too weak to stand up on his own paws. Shelter workers hope to see him up and walking (albeit gingerly) in the next couple of weeks. After that they’ll move Ni Hao to a local foster home where he can socialize with fellow furry friends.

“It’s much better for him to recover in a home environment,” Reyes said. “It’s just like a human being in a hospital so we’re hoping to move him.”

Los Angeles County DACC

Ni Hao is under quarantine for 60 days at the Carson Animal Care Center, but may be able to leave early if his health improves.

When Ni Hao first arrived from his 6,500-mile trip, he was breathing shallowly in a limp ball and couldn’t open his eyes. But the severely dehydrated kitten soon responded to fluids and his warm environment, perking up when staff presented him with a small bowl of food to eat. By his fourth day at the center, Ni Hao was rolling around on his own.

“Little by little we’re getting there,” Reyes said. “We’re hoping that under the treatment of our med team and with rest, he’ll be able to continue to recover quickly.”

Danika Fears is a intern who would like nothing more than to take this little cutie home with her.

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