Where did my rights go?

So, apparently I have misplaced my rights:

1) The right NOT to be shot, and to be free of people telling me they have 2nd Amendment protection to have guns/ammo. (They don’t: this fallacy is predicated on the need for a “WELL REGULATED Militia” in lieu of the military; we have a strong military, so it is moot; additionally, “right to bear arms” does not mean guns — it means any weapon, so why not just have pictures of Sarah Palin to scare people off, or ICBMs?)

2) The right to live in a peaceful world NOT damaged/polluted beyond comprehension by greedy corporations (BP, Halliburton, Black Water/Zee, and so on).

3) The right NOT to have religious nuts blathering on about nonsense (such as the Founding Fathers were Christian — which they weren’t; mostly, they were Deist — some were even atheists!). The U.S. is not a Christian nation… yet.

4) The right NOT to have Republicans inundate me with non-facts (such as claiming that Nazis, Fascists, Socialists and Communists are all the same, and that Democrats are all of them, all at once… For the record:

  • Nazi = Hitler
  • Fascists = Bush/Cheney
  • Socialist = Thomas Jefferson
  • Communist = Chairman Mao
  • Democrats = Intelligent cowards
  • Republicans = Mentally disturbed theocrats)

That’s all for now: I’ll think of more, I’m sure…

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One Comment

  1. Agreed. I’m sick of guns and so-called “gun rights”. No one has the right to own guns. Not in our Bill of Rights, and not in our Constitution. The fact is that gun owners are a pet project of the corporate elite. They’re a bunch of whining, spoiled jerks with destructive toys.

    Republicans calling others “Nazis” is surrealistic. If you look at the facts, modern-day USA Republicans are almost carbon copies of the fascists and Nazis who rose to power in Europe on a wave of ignorance, intolerance, and race hatred. Fuck the lot of them.

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