Veteran helped by man’s best friend

War veteran Joseph Worley talks about his helping canine, Benjamin. America’s VetDogs trained the golden retriever specifically for Worley who lost a leg to an IED explosion in Iraq.’s Dara Brown has the story.

Joseph Worley calls his four-legged helper, Benjamin, a life changer.

Worley, a Navy Corpsman, was running to help a convoy under attack in Iraq, when he was wounded by an IED. Returning home without his left leg made mobility and balance difficult to overcome. That’s where Benjamin helps out. The golden retriever was raised and trained by America’s VetDog’s, a non-profit organization based in New York.

Worley says it took about a year-and-a-half before Benjamin was able to join his family. He says a VetDogs representative flew to his home in Georgia to access his needs before hand-picking and then training Benjamin to be his constant companion.

Wells Jones, CEO of America’s VetDogs says the process of pairing the veteran with the right canine is a “bit of science and art mixed together.”

Worley relies on Benjamin to help him complete his day-to-day tasks and so much more. The Navy veteran says he loves to let Benjamin off the leash to play with his children and chase them, something he can no longer do. He also admits, “Having Benjamin by my side makes going out in public less stressful. People look at Benjamin instead of my disability.”

For Joseph Worley and roughly 250 other disabled veterans, their canine companions are truly their best friends.

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