Jason V Brock – ‘The Next Big Thing’

  What in the hell is “The Next Big Thing”? Yeah, I’m a little late. Sue me: Been very busy with [Nameless]

New Sample of The Devil’s Coattails…

Check this out!   [issuu autoFlip=true width=420 height=311 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120116034107-b22d2d925e2e4294b59fd8eeb89add70 name=dc_issuu_sample_binder1 username=jasunni tag=anthology unit=px id=6346b60a-f897-fd69-e4e7-f777ebd272ce v=2]

UPDATES: The Devil’s Coattails, Forrest J Ackerman doc…

Greetings! Hope everyone has had a great New Year so far. 2012 promises to be HUGE!! THE ACKERMONSTER CHRONICLES (our comprehensive, controversial

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