‘He’s a ham’: Panda caught on camera playing in the snow

At least someone is enjoying the snow!The Toronto Zoo closed early on Wednesday due to a snowstorm, and while that left several zoo-goers disappointed to be heading home early, 5-year-old giant panda Da Mao thought it called for a party.image



Cub obsession forces National Zoo to limit panda cam viewing time

Way to go, panda lovers: You broke the panda cam. Well, not exactly, but the public’s insatiable thirst for giant panda Mei Xiang and her tiny cub has forced the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to limit the stream’s viewing period to just 15 minutes. That means no more staring at your panda-filled screen in a trance state and avoiding your pesky work.┬áBut don’t fret: After your 15 minutes are up, you c…

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