Celebs moonlighting as painters don’t always deserve the brush-off

Acting and being a rock star are full-time jobs, but that doesn’t stop some celebrities from spreading their showbiz talents across other canvases — literally. From Sylvester Stallone to Jane Seymour, celebs love to paint. But are they any good?Depends on who you ask.image



Marcel Duchimp? Tongue-painting ape wins $10,000 in art contest

A painting by a 37-year-old Louisiana primate who applies color with his tongue instead of a brush has been deemed the finest chimpanzee art in the land.Brent, a retired laboratory animal, was the top vote-getter in an online chimp art contest organized by the Humane Society of the United States, which announced the results Thursday. He won $10,000 for the Chimp Haven sanctuary in northwest Lo…

Painting poodles: the bizarre world of creative dog grooming

Animal photographer Ren Netherland captures the best and the worst designs imaginable at an annual creative dog grooming event in Pennsylvania.     Weird

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