Budweiser gives real guy the most insane night of his life

If a comely woman at a bar offered you a Bud Light and asked you if you were up for whatever happened next, what would you say?┬áProbably yes, as one lucky dude "Ian" did in Budweiser’s much-hyped "Whatever happens next" spot.image

Oreo Twist: Cookie company goes black this year

The Super Bowl’s mammoth ad party is always as much about who plays as who sits.┬áThis year, Oreo — a social-media monster during 2013’s big game — revealed early in the game via Twitter early that the company opted not to take a bite out of the action.image

Grunge match: Seattle, Denver face off in a pop-culture battle royale

The bluest skies you’ll ever see are in Seattle, sang Perry Como, but others think there’s nothing to rival that Colorado Rocky Mountain High. (Make your own legal marijuana joke here.image



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