Survivor of Kenya mall attack: It has made me stronger



Me-wow! Colonel Meow sets record for world’s longest fur

Plenty of celebs are in the Guinness Book of World Records, including Justin Bieber (most popular online video), Lady Gaga (most Twitter followers), and Prince William and Duchess Kate (their wedding was the most livestreamed event ever). But they will all need to move over and make room for a very special Guinness Book addition: Colonel Meow, who has officially won the honor of Longest Fur on a C…

Guide dogs, then blind owners, fall in love

Lady and the Tramp realized they were in love over a bowl of pasta. For Rodd and Venice, romance bloomed at a training course for seeing-eye dogs.The guide dogs simply couldn’t get enough of each other during the intensive course in Shrewsbury, England in March 2012. Even when their visually impaired owners tried to keep them apart, Rodd and Venice would find each other, snuggle together under a t…

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