Boy, 11, reacts with shock, happy tears when he learns he’ll be a big brother

Logan Fairbanks’ dad says he’s always been the “big-hearted, big-brother type,” and on Tuesday Logan learned that he’ll soon become an actual big brother. A video camera was rolling when the 11-year-old got the news, and since then more than 100,000 have watched his adorable reaction.


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Bison with quinoa? Feeding dogs better than we feed ourselves

If feeding your dog homemade venison mixed with organic quinoa sounds like the sort of California new age food fad Woody Allen famously mocked in “Annie Hall,” it’s just a new take on the way Americans used to feed their dogs — with scraps from the table. Except now, the scraps are really good.People are spending more money on specialized diets for their pets to improve health and longevity. Pet…

Rad rodents: Thrashin’ mice soar on skateboards

After achieving worldwide fame by teaching his pet mice to surf, Shane Willmott has now trained them to ride skateboards, according to photo press agency Rex Features.The little dudes “drop the vert ramp” and get airborne on mouse-size toy skateboards in a mouse-size skate park built by Willmott in his backyard in Australia.The furry daredevils even fly through a ring of fire.Willmott, who has bee…

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