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The Bleeding Edge
(Cycatrix Press)


(Cycatrix Press)


(Dark Discoveries Publications)

++Other Design, Publishing & Editorial++

    • Dark Discoveries, periodical. Print & online; Managing Editor/Art Director/Contributor. Dark Discoveries Publications, 2008-2012.
    • [NaMeL3ss] Digest, periodical. Print, e-book & online; Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Art Director/Contributor. Cycatrix Press, 2011–present (approximately once a year). [The managing editor for the first three issues was S. T. Joshi, and the journal has presented interviews with many important filmmakers, artists, and authors, including George A. Romero, Kris Kuksi, and others, as well as new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and artwork from a wide variety of creators, including Nolan, Roger Anker, and more.]
    • Gothic Lovecraft, edited by Lynne Jamneck and S. T. Joshi. Publisher. Fiction anthology. Cycatrix Press, 2016.
    • All That Withers, by John Palisano. Publisher. Fiction collection. Cycatrix Press, 2016.
    • Disexistence, by Paul Kane. Publisher. Fiction collection. Cycatrix Press, 2017.
    • It Only Comes Out at Night, by Dennis Etchison. Publisher. Fiction collection. Cycatrix Press, 2017. (A paperback/e-book re-issue of the Centipede Press 2016 hardcover volume with extra original material and new artwork.)


Buy here: Charles Beaumont: The Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man


Buy here: The AckerMonster Chronicles!



“Shadows” by ChiaroscurO


“Isolation” by ChiaroscurO


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