Plush Frog Toy

There are some plush frog toys on the market that are simply too cute to resist. With soft, plush fur, a plush frog toy is a lovely companion for any child. Unlike the real thing, they are so delightfully snuggable, it makes them all the more appealing.

In 2008, 163 newly identified species were found in both the jungles and rivers of the Greater Mekong region in Southeast Asia. One of them, was a bird-eating frog with fangs. The Khorat big-mouthed frog (referred to by scientists as Limnonectes megastomias) was found to be living in just three remote areas of Thailand. This particular species of frog is known as an ambush predator which lies in wait to pounce on its prey insects, other frogs, and even birds. The fangs found in males, which are actually growths from the jawbone, are used to fight with other males.

Frog populations around the world are on the decline and scientists are not really sure why. For the most part, they are of the opinion that it is a combination of various things working together global warming, habitat loss, over-hunting, pollution, and fungus. Fungus doesn’t attack tadpoles but does go after adult frogs. It is when a frog starts to grow and their skin gets thick on the soles of their feet and anywhere else on their body that will often come into contact with the ground (like their lower abdomen), that the fungus will attack. Researcher’s still are not sure how the fungus is killing frogs but the leading theories are that it interferes with the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange that takes place through the skin.

Luckily, with a plush frog toy, there is no worry about fungus or even fangs like those found on the Khorat big-mouthed frog. A plush frog toy is meant to be hugged, played with, and admired, even if it’s only on display.

Angeline Hope is a collector of giant plush toy animals. You can view a selection of giant plush toys including plush frog toy animals at MyBigPlush.

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