Looking to Get a Pet Iguana?

Before deciding on purchasing a pet iguana, you should be informed of the basic requirements for keeping such a pet. It is not wise to choose an iguana as a pet because your friends have got one or because it is the new trend. It is a difficult task to raise an iguana properly and one that should not be taken lightly.

Consider the following information before making any rash decisions:

1. Iguanas are not cheap.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that having an iguana is as affordable as having a dog or cat. Once you have paid the first price for your iguana there will be many more expenses to come. There are the accessories, equipment, and installations that are required for the enclosure or cage that you use to house your pet in. These can include special lights, temperature timers, heaters, etc. You will also require shelves or artificial furnishings to act as branches for your pet. Then you have to feed your iguana. Food includes green leafy vegetables and fruit that are rich in calcium and vitamins. Make sure you have a budget for everything that you will need to keep your pet healthy and happy.

2. Iguanas are not low maintenance pets.

When iguanas are young they appear very small and innocent. However, they need to be handled with great care and receive the right treatment suited for them. Otherwise they can cause you many problems.

Their living area must be washed regularly to keep it hygienically safe. You also need time to train and tame your pet on a daily basis so that when it is older it will be easy to manage with no discipline problems. Don’t leave the taming for when they are older because they will be more aggressive and restless in response.

3. Iguanas are not “huggable”

Remember that iguanas are not like dogs and cats that can be easily cuddled in your lap. You can only place them on your shoulder or hold them in your arms. There are certain restrictions with regard to being too close to your iguana because your health can sometimes be at risk. This is more likely if you have an untamed iguana that will probably bite or scratch you when it is near.

4. Iguanas are not as sociable with other pets.

Iguanas simply cannot learn to get along with your other pets no matter how much you may try. Iguanas are cautious of other animals because they consider them to be their enemies that wish to prey on them. You will often find that if your iguana is in the same vicinity as other pets, it will go and hide in a quiet dark corner.

5. Iguanas are not the best pets for children

Minors do not have enough skills and information about caring for and handling iguanas and therefore you should forbid your young children from getting one until they are old enough to learn about the responsibility involved. Let them stick to dogs and cats in the meanwhile

So, are you prepared for your pet iguana? I hope so!

Rob Stevenson is an iguana enthusiast. For more Iguana Information feel free to visit http://www.petiguanacenter.com.

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