Are You Ready For a Pet Iguana?

Iguanas are not a low maintenance pet like some people may think, but they definitely are great pets to own. Iguanas require certain needs to be met just like other pets and once you learn about these needs you will be well prepared for raising your own pet iguana properly.

So what does it take to have a pet iguana?

1) Love – This is the basic requirement to have because it provides the motivation for all the hard work and effort that needs to be put in when owning an iguana. It is also essential that your iguana senses your love for it so that it feels secure and comfortable in your presence and will be more willing learn from you.

2) Patience – Iguanas do not become tame over night. This is a long process that requires exceptional patience, plenty of time and continuous perseverance. You cannot simply think you are patient enough if you wait for your pet to learn to stop his bad habits. You need to be willing to train it and do whatever it takes to get your iguana to take a liking to you.

3) Commitment – It is not wise to buy an iguana impulsively without proper thought, like some people do. If you are not committed to your iguana for the long term, then you may get bored of your tasks quickly and then neglect your pet. It may be exciting at first but after a while it’s your dedication and commitment that will create the bond with you pet.

You need to consider that Iguanas can live up to 20 years and you need to be fully prepared to commit to you pet for this amount of time. You certainly cannot just sell or give away your Iguana if you have had enough of it because this will have severe consequences on the iguana’s well being.

4) Finances – Don’t forget that behind all your excitement with your new exotic pet, there are new bills to be paid. Expenses can include food, habitat, accessories, trips to the veterinarian etc. You need to make sure that you can afford to own such a pet in your place and take care of it properly.

5) Willingness to learn – Luckily these days you don’t have to rush to the bookstore to buy a book on iguana pets because there is an expansive variety of information on the internet available to you. However the willingness to sit down and read and learn needs to be part of the process of getting a pet iguana. If you are not willing to learn new skills and techniques, then it would become problematic for you during the up bringing of your pet. You need to feel secure in your knowledge of how to own an iguana before you rush off to get one.

6) Time – Time is essential when owning a pet iguana, not only for feeding and cleaning, but for playing and bonding with your friend. Your iguana’s health and well being relies on a healthy relationship with its owner. Spending quality time together is a necessity if you want your iguana to be happy and well developed.

Rob Stevenson is an iguana enthusiast. For more great tips and advice on how to raise Pet Iguanas visit

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