Butterfly Garden Plants

Creating a butterfly habitat is not as difficult as many people might believe. Following a few simple steps and growing the right butterfly garden plants will bring a mass of butterflies to your backyard for years to come. Having the most desirable plants available to butterflies goes a long way in drawing the most with the least amount of effort. Let’s begin with identifying which plants attract butterflies, by their nectar, and then move on to the butterfly host plants.

Butterfly Nectar Plants – Most Common

Butterfly Bush Butterfly Weed Common Milkweed Wild Bergamot Purple Coneflower Autumn Joy Sedum Marigolds Black-Eyed Susan Garlic Chives Red Clover Lilacs

The butterfly host plants are used mainly by the butterflies for laying eggs and as a source of nutrition for the caterpillars.

Butterfly Host Plants – Most Common

Most of the Milkweed family Pawpaw Tree Alfalfa Herbs (such as Parsley & Dill) Clover family Mustard family Willows

By planting these commonly available garden plants you can attract the most wide array of butterflies to your garden. You’ll want to also plant an assortment of other perennials and grasses to provide a cover for your butterflies to retreat to. Your butterfly garden wouldn’t be complete without a place for the butterflies to drink from. While you may find a desperate butterfly taking a sip at the edge of a bird bath, you would do well to give them a more natural watering hole. If you don’t have a naturally wet spot in your garden you can easily make your own by filling a shallow container with some sand and then keeping the water level right below the surface of the sand. That way the butterflies can actually land on the damp surface and take a drink.

While there are many more garden plants that you could grow to draw specific types of butterflies, these tips will draw a host of butterflies to your garden in a hurry. Don’t forget that once you create your butterfly habitat, you should be responsible in the maintenance of it.

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