Herman Tortoise – (Testudo Hermanni)

The Herman is often spelled in various different forms. For clarity it is often more advantageous to use the Latin name as this will be recognized all over the world. This species is one of the smaller species and is a very popular choice to keep as a pet. However, there are a few factors to consider before you decide this is the pet you would like to care for.

Although it is one of the smaller species it will require a sunny, preferably, outdoor enclosure which is dry and not too humid. Their natural environment is southern Europe, from France south through to Italy, Greece and the former Yugoslavia into Turkey. Their habitat has been eroded by civilization as it prefers to live in Mediterranean forests, arid grasslands and scrubby hillsides.

Specialist breeders have helped to ensure the longevity of the species and therefore if you decide to acquire one of these hardy little specimens you should preferable go to a reputable breeder. The enclosure you provide for the Herman tortoise should have a sunny aspect, not be too damp and have lots of vegetation and plants in which it can both hide and also eat. Ensure you research the types of vegetation to plant as some can be toxic.

This species will usually like to hibernate in the winter and may also hibernate during the heat of the summer. In both cases you will need to be able to recognize the signs your pet is wanting to hibernate and then to provide the correct environment for it to do so (If it is sick do not allow your pet to hibernate as this may prove fatal).

This little tortoise enjoys a varied herbivorous diet, including fleshy vegetables and some soft fruits. It is also advisable to provide some form of vitamin and mineral supplement, although you will need to ensure you measure this correctly as too much can be as detrimental to health as too little.

If you have the correct type of enclosure and environment for this species the Herman tortoise will make and excellent pet for you and your family for many years. In order for you to make an informed decision, ensure you do some research into how to care for these special creatures.

Is a tortoise enthusiast and has been keeping tortoises for many years. If you are interested to find out more about these amazing creatures go to TortoiseTips where you will find more information on keeping and caring for a Herman Tortoise

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