Tortoise – Pets For Life!

If you are thinking of getting a little baby tortoise to care for there a number of things to consider before embarking on this major decision. These creatures are one of the longest lived creatures on the planet. But, only if they are cared for in the correct type of enclosure. For this reason you will have to think long and hard if you are truly able to provide a home for one of these fascinating animals. Remember, that they may outlive both you and your children!

Please don’t let this word of warning deter you too much however, as they make wonderful companions if they are kept in the correct manner. I have kept tortoises for over twenty years and still have my first tortoise that I was given as a teenager! I’m not sure who has more wrinkles though?

Do some research into what type you will be best suited to caring for before you even go to look at them in the pet shop or at the breeders. You will then have a better idea of what type of environment you will have to provide for your pet.

There are many different types of tortoise from which to choose but if you try to imagine their natural wild habitat and see if you are able to mimic this as far as is possible, you will have some idea of which species to choose. Remember too, you will have to provide a relatively large enclosure for your new pet. The average rabbit hutch may be adequate for a very short time but you will have to consider providing a suitable enclosure with vital heating and lighting in order to provide an optimum living environment for you new companion.

Tortoise – pets for life is how you should approach keeping one of these creatures. They require much more input from you than you may at first think but if you do decide this is the pet for you, you will not be disappointed!

Is a tortoise enthusiast and has been keeping tortoises for many years. If you are interested to find out more about these amazing creatures go to TortoiseTips

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