Tomato Frog For Sale

Man has made innumerable types of gifts. From a simple chocolate to advanced robot pets, the list is endless. But none of man-made artificial gifts can compete with the ingenuity of Mother Nature. The captive bred Tomato Frog for Sale at the online stores is better than anyone else’s. Nature gifts bring back the kids to nature and also bring back the kid in every adult. When you were a kid, all you wanted to do was run after that tadpole and catch that frog.

Because the Tomato frog is an endangered species, these online only sell captive bred babies. The Tomato Frog has three types: D. antongilii, D. insularis, or D. guineti of genus Dyscophus and family Microhylidae. They originated from Madagascar. The nomenclature came about because of their obvious bright red color appearance. When it feels predators nearby the Tomato Frog inflates its body. If taken into the mouth by a predator, the frog secretes a tough substance from its skin that jams the hunter’s eyes and mouth, instantly making the predator to let go of the smart frog and take care of their burning eyes. This gum-like secretion sometimes causes allergic reactions, which are light and never fatal. This also happens only if the frog feels danger and gets frightened, which won’t happen with you if you love the cute Tomato Frogs as much as we do. Their lives span from 6-8 years so you are sure to have a long and faithful companion, which is an instant attention grabber when you show it to your friends. When they grow older, their color starts to fade to orange and yellow shades and may even go a deeper shade of red from the bright red that it is when young. They get sexually mature within 9-14 months. So if you got both sexes you can get a new Tomato Frog for free. The Females are larger and range to even 4 inches in length compared to Males which span between 2-3 inches. 

The online stores ship captive bred babies that average between 1-2 inches. Our bred Tomato Frogs are of sturdy health and live long lives. 10-20 gallon enclosures are advised for Tomato Frogs. Their staple diet includes crickets, silk worms, worms of all kinds and night crawlers all of which are available at your local pet stores. 

Online stores have many trained naturalists who know how to treat a Tomato Frog for Sale, and who know the fauna and wildlife like the back of their hands. Customer satisfaction is paramount to them. More than growing profits they desire a growth in interest about nature. They want to spread awareness in the current situation of Global Warming which is really a Global Warning to everyone, that it is time to stop and look around, we are not the only ones who occupy the planet, the flora and fauna are what make our earth so beautiful. They want people to realize that if they care for nature, they will get tremendous satisfaction and in magical ways nature will care back for them.

The author advises on how to take care of the tomato frogs and where you can get Tomato Frog for Sale.

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