What She Does To Make Her Animal Portraiture

Giving a gift has a built in hazard. There’s usually a waiting period before you learn if the gift was liked.

If the gift was addressed to the president then there would be more weight on your shoulders. It was mandatory that she sign a visitors log before she could be able to give her gift. It was the guard who took charge of delivering the package to the president, which was actually a portrait of the president’s horse Little Man.

Animal portraits are the specialty of this artist who resided in Old National Pike with her family. With her interest learning towards animals and portraiture she was able to make a business out of it. She has become one successful artist with her business thriving immensely.

With her pastels she draws the animals with the pictures that she has taken or that the owners have taken. Copying show photos at times is what she does to make horse portraits.

Creating portraits of horses, cats, dogs, a goat, parakeets and guinea pigs, she has been successful with her work. Given that she has worked with fur animals for some time she now wants to widen her experience and work with fishes and turtles with oil paints. This artist is able to take away years from the animals she paints and sometimes even making them look healthy.

According to her, it was many months in the making that she wanted to paint Little Man hence she asked the first lady for pictured. About six weeks later, she received a reply from the Special Assistant to the President and Director of Correspondence, along with some color publicity stills of the President with the horse.

The mailed photos were not the normal way she started working with portraits. Normally part of her job was to meet the animal personally and get to know they and also take note of color and other things as a picture us not enough.

While doing the portrait, bad news came when Little Man died. After this, she now wishes the president will express more gratitude and appreciation for the work she has done.

It was important that she finish her work, so getting into it she roughly divided it into four. Using a pastel, she made lines that marked where the dark, medium and light shadow tones were. Second, she added the color along the lines she had creating and with her fingers blending them in.

The background is them worked on and for this project light blue was chosen. The artist shares that you want to make the portrait look real. It was important for the artist to add details that made the image seem authentic.

She was happy having completed the portrait of Little Man. Since she is a horse lover, she even has one which is stabled in Poolesville.

She also has a cat, a dog and a goat. Having done a portrait for the president is something that she is very happy about.

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