Animal Products Favored By Consumers And Livestock In The Spring To The Right

Winter, due to the occurrence of bird flu, poultry and other poultry products prices have been “diving”, the consumer also purchases a significant decline in the market has not seen many birds disappeared. In sharp contrast to the rising sales of livestock products, and prices have increased to some extent, seems to animal husbandry, “Spring” to a, this reporter visited the stakeholders.


 Reporter November 30 arrived in the morning 9:00 in the food market in Hefei, saw the hands carry her customers are pork, beef, lamb or vegetables and aquatic products, basic and neither a buy poultry products. In front stalls selling livestock products, people waiting in a long queue, a customer told reporters that since the media was infected with bird flu after he never bought chickens, ducks, and basically pork instead of beef and mutton, is worried about being infected. A pork vendor said that while more people to buy pork, no worries about not sell, sales of pork these days than before the occurrence of avian flu have increased by 20%% 30%%. According to a number of businesses selling beef and mutton, beef and mutton reflect a burst of sales also rose about 30%%. Reporter asked about the price of pork in the 12.8 ~ 13.2 yuan / kg between the beef in the 17.00 ~ 18.00 yuan / kg between the lamb in the 16.60 ~ 17.00 yuan / kg, slightly higher than the previous few days. Although prices have risen, but the enthusiastic members of the public to buy, according to market management personnel, mainly we have to prevent avian flu epidemic of heart, to buy livestock to become people’s main target. In Century Lianhua, Carrefour supermarket, the reporter also found in poultry and livestock products in the cold by the consumers. Supermarket official told reporters, after bird flu outbreak, poultry products sales plummeted, a decline in sales, while sales of animal products is climbing higher and higher, widely favored by the customers. Secretary Animal Husbandry Bureau of Fuyang Pengshao Jun told reporters recently in Fuyang City, sales of beef and mutton and pork are also significantly higher prices also rose compared to last year about 20%%, he estimated that as temperatures in winter, the price of beef and mutton will continue to rise, this is the result of seasonal factors. Animal products is not entirely optimistic because “bird flu”


 Livestock prices are what causes it, the reporter consulted the Pig Research Institute of Anhui Corey Chinese Yi-division technical director, he told reporters, in fact, bird flu on the market price of pork has not much effect because pork prices are affected by supply and demand, since the price of pork in July of this year has shown a decline trend, recently rose 0.2 yuan / kg, but still low compared with the same period last year, bird flu is only delayed to some extent its downside. Bird flu impact on the price of pork is the most obvious decline in feed prices, due to poultry farmers have to give up poultry parts, resulting decline in feed prices, soybean prices fell from 2,800 yuan per ton to 2,400 yuan per ton, so that profits increase pig the average increase of 30-40 dollars per head, according to his pork prices next year will rebound in the second half.


 Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences Animal Husbandry Research Fellow of the Institute of Zhao Huiling that the recent rebound in beef and mutton market trends, prices, for three reasons: First, the occurrence of avian flu. Because many bird flu in China this year, leading to sharp drop in sales of poultry products, as a substitute, a corresponding increase in consumption of beef and mutton, beef main sales areas (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong) boneless beef, the average price is 22 yuan / kg, compared with 6.2%% increase over the same period last year. The average price of mutton bone 19 yuan / kg, compared with the same period last year increased 8.9%%. Second, the domestic market is subject to policy support. In recent years stepped up around cattle, sheep breeds and production support efforts to ensure the production and supply of beef and mutton. Third, cattle, sheep raising initiative. Demand driven, sheep, cattle and other market prices steadily for several years, feeding efficiency is also greatly improved, at current prices, slaughter a profitable cattle 500-800 dollars, slaughter a sheep to gain 80 -100 yuan. So raising beef cattle, sheep of the market is very good. Farmers respond to market to cool, “heating”


 Pig Research Institute of Anhui Corey Hua Yi-division technical director of a very optimistic estimate of the bird flu will increase government investment in Livestock Disease Control and Prevention, will be more healthy development of the pig. He suggested that the pig farmers to take over the current market conditions, scientific farm management, prevention of swine, the conditions are ripe breeding areas should be established. Anhui Agricultural Development Co., Canton Dean Tai Yong, chairman of the company that although the winter after the increase in the consumption of pork, but the price has not increased significantly, mainly pork current excess inventory in the future as part of the poultry pig farmers to development, the industry will be more intense competition, a sharp rise in pork prices next year could still confusing, so do not blindly expand farm, but should focus on improving the quality of pork, according to the scale of the market to adjust the culture . Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences Animal Husbandry Institute, Zhao Huiling researchers also hope to be around the sheep and cattle ranchers positive growth column, improving the reproduction rate of cattle and sheep and supply in the market, earn a good situation.

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