Ten animals have shortest life cycle

Colorful animal world is so interesting for humankind to explore. It is the diversity of genres with different life spans which contributes to the ecosystem balance. It has been searched that the Galapagos tortoises can live during 177 years due to good adaptation to the environment; however, there are some life spans which are shortened by natural features. What animals have the shortest life expectancy? Let’s discover!


Mayflies: Life Expectancy: 1 – 24 hours

Mayflies rank the top list of animal having shortest life span. They are prolific so their survival on earth depends on quantity rather than life quality.


Gastrotrichs: Life Expectancy: 3 days

The gastrotrich lies the second on the list of animals having the shortest life cycle. This is the micro creature with dimensions of 0.06- 3 mm living in fresh water.


Drone Ants: Life Expectancy: 3 weeks

Drone ants are also called male ants. During the their brief life, eating and breeding are considered to be the unique purpose of those drone ants.


Worker bees: Life Expectancy: 4 weeks

Here is one of the busiest insects in the world. Just living in about 4 weeks, these bees always work hard in order to produce drops of sweet honey


Dragonfly: Life Expectancy: 4 months

Those beautiful dragonflies are most favored for tattoo art. Despite the short life span, this kind of insect lies in pupal stage up to five years.


Labord’s Chameleons: Life Expectancy: 1 year

These chameleons habit in Madagascar, the large Indian Ocean island off the coast of Africa. Their skin color can change to the surrounding environment and weather.


Mosquito Fish: Life Expectancy: 2 years

Mosquito fish is also called Gambusia, comes from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s strange that this genre of fish can suffer from saline water up to 42 degrees Celsius.


The House Mouse: Life Expectancy: 1 – 3 years average

This genre of mouse live is so popular in houses all over the world. They are very excellent in jumping, climbing, running, and even swimming. With the high reproductive capability, these house mouse breed 1-2 times each month.


Hamsters: Life Expectancy: 2- 4 years

Hamsters looks so cute and considered as pets. The most interesting is their ability to store food in the pockets in their cheeks


Rabbit: Life Expectancy: 5 years

This is the beloved pet of children, which has the high reproductive capability.

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