A Butterfly

Consider life from a butterfly’s perspective. Before a butterfly is fully grown, it goes through different stages in life. Each stage is a different journey where different things occur – each stage even more beautiful than the next. A butterfly starts out as a tiny egg attached to a leaf or stem – barely noticeable by the world around it.

It starts off as nothing but a little dot resting in a random place in this big world. Once the egg hatches, it is called a larva or a caterpillar. The caterpillar isn’t aware of itself being called a larva or a caterpillar; it just knows that it must eat to grow so it persistently eats the leaves and flowers around it. The caterpillar sheds its skin often as it grows and grows. After all of this eating and growing, the caterpillar must rest. He hibernates in a house he creates himself; his chrysalis and he rests there until it is time to emerge.

After a given time, nature calls for the butterfly to emerge. As beautiful as can be, the butterfly slowly emerges from his cocoon and completes his final stage, before death. The instant the Butterfly emerges, he gently begins to merge his two palpi together in order to construct his proboscis into one tube. How does the butterfly know that he must do this as soon as he emerges, and how does he know that he must do it in a careful manner? For if he doesn’t do this, he wouldn’t be able to gather nectar from flowers to feed himself. He knows this the same way he knew he must eat profusely when he was a caterpillar- by the instinct given to him by God.

Once the butterfly completes his final stage, he discontinues growing. Now he is much more noticeable than he was when he was only a tiny egg. However, there are many who don’t notice him, even with his vibrant colors and designs which are nothing but the beautiful artwork of God. He is as free as can be; he can fly for thousands and thousands of miles with his beautiful, transparent wings; yet he weighs nothing but the weight of two rose petals. As the butterfly flies, he can not hear the world around him. He uses a different form of understanding the world around him: vibrations. He feels vibrations around him and is able to interpret them in an almost miraculous way.

Life for an adult butterfly is short, for some adult butterflies live no more than a week or two. The butterfly lives his life without harming anyone around him, without causing disturbance, without lying, cheating, stealing, and killing; unlike some human beings. Humans live their life and leave a big, bad print of hatred, war, suffering, and cruelty on the world. This is not true for all human beings; it is true in the general yet false in the specific. Every human being emerges out of his cocoon, and out of each stage, as a new person. Each new stage helps him realize the imperfections and mistakes of his last stage.

Each stage brings an opportunity for a new beginning; an opportunity to grow into someone who is free, someone who will love the world without asking anything in return. Humans come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and backgrounds; just as butterflies do. Yet in relativity, when you think about it, the life of a butterfly and the life of a human are both short only when you consider the reason and purpose for each of them living. Human beings are, unlike the butterfly, aware of death; and for this reason they must make sure that as they go through the different stages in life, they take into consideration why they were randomly placed onto this earth. Randomly placed here, among billions; somewhere on a random spot in this big world, like the butterfly.

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