Catch Your Prize Fish This Season!

Puerto Vallarta is an ideal locale for people who just love sun and sand. Theres another kind of people, those who just enjoy Vallarta fishing. The combination of sun, surf, sand and fishing is so potent that visitors descend on Puerto Vallarta in hordes right through the year. Thats another very big advantage. Puerto Vallarta fishing and the sun and surf are all available throughout the year. Puerto Vallarta has gained prominence over the last about 150 years. It was just one sleepy old fishing village till the year 1963 when The night of the iguana starring Liz Taylor and Richard Burton popularized the entire area in and around Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta fishing is what the local inhabitants have been doing for hundreds of years. The sport is therefore thriving and more like an industry. Youll find a large number of operators with excellent boats and a fully trained crew who can take you out to the exact places where you can catch your prize fish this season. The crew is multi lingual too thereby making your job that much simpler. Vallarta fishing is also about catch and release in case you dont plan to eat the fish.

Puerto Vallarta fishing is generally about deep-sea fishing and here we are talking about sport-fish such as bonito, blue marlin, Dorado, sailfish, Wahoo, yellow fin, jacks, black marlin and the striped marlin. However, you can also do surf fishing on the Puerto Vallarta beaches. Vallarta fishing on the rocks in southern part of Puerto Vallarta will get you torito, Pargo, mullet and sierra pretty often. The boats for your deep-sea fishing trips are superb vessels and more like five star resorts. Typically, you can expect 32-foot luxury craft with air-conditioning, furnished kitchenette and restroom besides a totally reliable communication system that includes a GPS. You may also be lucky and avail the facilities of a double storied high-speed 49 footer craft with a 150 sq ft cockpit, master and guest staterooms to sleep four, electric toilet, shower and brand new fishing gear as well.

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