Frog Plush Toy & Frog History

While there are lots of really adorable plush toys from which to choose, not all of them are conducive to snuggling. A frog plush toy, however, does not have that problem given it has been designed with a very huggable body. A frog plush toy is a squishable, squeezable soft toy that no child should ever do without.

In 2009, Karen Lips’ had a team in the Omar Torrijos National Park looking for frogs. Her team found what was termed a ‘common frog’ that was much larger than frog specimens found elsewhere. After a comparison of this frogs feet and toes with other frogs from museum collections, the conclusion was reached that this bigger frog was a new species. The new frog species was named P. Educatoris, which honors an emeritus professor of biology by the name of Jay M. Savage, who taught many generations of students about tropical frogs at the University of Miami. The term educatoris’ has a double meaning: the female species of this new species nurture and care for their eggs while they are developing.

Prior to a team of researchers returning in May 2009 to frog habitats in Darien Province, near the Colombian border, a group from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (along with others including researchers from the University of Panama) found another new species of frog called P. adnus (a name based on ADN which is a Spanish acronym for DNA in English). With this new discovery, the total number of frog species identified in Costa Rica and Panama is 197.

While a child may not be interested in the frog’s history, it is still interesting to know that 15 percent of the frog species have been identified in the last seven years in Costa Rica and Panama. Children simply think that frogs are adorable, especially the ones that are multi-colored. You can find a huge variety of a frog plush animals in online stores that absolutely adorable.

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