Facts Regarding IG Markets Together With CFD Trading

It’s a significant accomplishment being praised as the best CFD trading provider by a reputable business magazine like Money. IG Markets has achieved this distinction due to the fact that they fulfilled crucial requirements that traders need for their CFD provider once they trade CFDs.

IG Markets has been a specialist in offering derivatives trading with particular increased exposure of CFD trading covering stocks, commodities, binaries, foreign currency and traders possess the advantage of trading in some of the most active and well known indices globally. The company that has more than 75,000 customers who’re active traders is proven to be one of the largest such providers of CFD trading.

A few of the key points which IG Markets have been able to impress the jury were:

* The ability to provide guaranteed stop losses that actually work every time to enable traders to restrict their loss.
* Low transaction costs as compared to other CFD providers.
* The availability of the DMA or Direct Market Access platform for CFDs.
* The ability to guarantee market prices regardless of the CFD trading form they will use.
* Provision for the trader to make use of both DMA and Market Maker models for trading.
* Rebate on data fees upon completing four trades in a month.

Contracts for difference or CFDs are a leveraged trading instrument that’s been around since the 1990s. Through this instrument an investor can take a position – long or short on an underlying and use the volatility of the market to make quick gains with no need to invest capital that would have been required when trading an identical quantity in the physical market.

Since lots of factors may influence market movements, the chances of creating a loss just like quickly does exist and that is why traders need a CFD service provider who are able to offer them some fall back precautions like stop losses. Traders will also be looking for ways to cut costs and since CFD transactions may be quite frequent, the transaction cost assumes importance. Moreover, the ability of a good trading platform and use of different models are other issues that are also considered when selecting a CFD provider.

IMG Markets continues to be able to come out with a service providing, that consistently meets all these requirements and it is therefore not a surprise that they are top rated in this field of CFD trading.

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