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You know, it does appear there is a bias against conservatives in the media… I’m against that. And I’m a far left liberal.You know why I’m against it? Because it’s unAmerican.I am more than able to hear ideas I despise and counter them with reason. I’m not fragile. Just considering an idea that I disagree with doesn’t mean I subscribe to it, or that it will change my position.One should be able to make counter arguments or assimilate the ideas into your worldview in ways where they can be constructive, or reject them dispassionately.Being “offended” is for the weak or unsure. THEY make me nervous, because they are insecure about themselves and what they stand for. Period, every time. I don’t trust people who are unsure of their stances, or who are too fragile to consider challenging concepts.They ALWAYS betray you. —

September 23, 2018 at 10:23PM
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