Caring For African Dwarf Frogs – Aquarium Setup Basics

Like any other aquatic pet, African dwarf frogs have care requirements that help them stay healthy and live a long time. Just because these frogs are tiny doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have lots of space to move around in, and clear, warm water. But what exactly are the basic care requirements of these amazing frogs?

African dwarf frogs can be very active and can swim around a lot, especially at night since they’re mostly nocturnal. A good guideline to follow when considering how much space your frog needs is at least 2 gallons per ADF. This allows ample room for the frog to swim around in and also allows for a decent amount of water for waste to be diluted in before the weekly water change. Also, make sure the tank you choose has a tight-fitting lid…these guys are great escape artists!

ADFs aren’t like fish which require the use of a filter to add oxygen to the water. These frogs swim to the surface to gulp air. An advantage to using a filter, however, mostly if you have a 5 gallon tank or larger, is that it allows the tank to be cycled and only small, weekly water changes are needed. Anything under 5 gallons, and you should be doing 100% water changes on your frog’s aquarium.

Another requirement these frogs have is heat. A good aquarium heater that keeps the water at a steady temperature at a point between 74 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit is preferred, with a good middle-ground temperature being 77 degrees. Frogs cannot regulate their own body temperature, so water that’s not too cold or hot is important.

Lastly, if you have decorations, such as caves, bridges, or plants, make sure that there are no rough edges. These frogs love squeezing into small, shadowy spaces, and can easily hurt themselves on anything that’s not smooth. Always make sure to provide some cover or cave for your frog, though…They don’t like completely open spaces and like to hide during the day.

Caring for African dwarf frogs isn’t complicated, as long as you follow the basics.

For the past several years, Angela Marie has had multiple aquariums which house both fish and African dwarf frogs. ADFs are one of her favorite aquatic pets and she loves taking care of them and educating other frog owners on their proper care.

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