Top Giant Animal Species Before Dinosaur Era

Have you ever thought about the life of animal species before dinosaur era? You will have the right answer for this matter after reading “Walking with Monsters”. It provides specialist knowledge of more than 600 scientists to help us discover wonderful and frequently terrifying creatures that lived before the Age of Dinosaurs. The book not only features 112 animals and covers four billion years of life on Earth but also uses the unique high-resolution images made possible by the television series to bring these creatures to life. Let’s see the interesting images below to know more about giant animals before dinosaur era.



Two Gorgonopsia were deadly fighting. Gorgonopsia, known as “mammal-like reptiles”, included differentiated tooth shape, a fully developed temporal fenestra, pillar-like rear legs, and ear bones.



Euparkeria was hunting a quarry. It was a close relative of the archosaurs and grew up to about half a meter in length.



An Arthropleura (right) was fighting against a Proterogyrinus. Proterogyrinus, which belonged to a group of advanced amphibians, was a powerful swimmer. It could have hunted a variety of quarries while Arthropleura was a giant centipede and grew to the size of a crocodile.



Edaphosaurus confronted the small Seymouria. Edaphosaurus about 8 feet long lived before most dinosaurs. Its body moved from side to side. Seymouria was a small animal that lived about 280 million years ago in Texas and adjacent regions.



Hyneria, a prehistoric lobe-finned fish, was 4-5 meters long and weighed two tons



One Mesothelae, a suborder of spiders, (left) was ready to attack the Petrolacosaurus, a 40-centimeter-long reptile



Scutosaurus, a large anapsid reptile, lived around 252-248 million years ago in Russia. It weighed at least five or six tons, about as big as an elephant



Meganeura was an extinct insect from the Carboniferous period approximately 300 million years ago with wingspans of more than 75 cm (2.5 ft) wide



Haikouichthys, a Prehistoric species, was the first backboned animal. Its heart, lungs and stomach were visible when the Haikouichthys was alive.






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