Man’s New Best Friend – the Iguana?

“A dog is a man’s best friend”- You have no doubt heard this phrase before. But what if the new best friend became a lizard or more specifically an iguana?

Choosing an iguana as your new best friend is definitely challenging and uninviting to many. But if it excites you to have an exotic friend around, then you should dare to take on the challenge of raising your very own iguana.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to have an iguana as a pet:

1. Iguanas are vegetarians.

You don’t need to travel to the pet shop to collect food for your iguana. It won’t require live mice, worms, or cockroaches so you don’t worry at all about providing special food for it. All you have to do is either pick fresh plants and vegetables from your garden or buy extra vegetables during your next trip to the vegetable shop and you are good to go.

2. Iguanas usually hit it off with their owners.

Iguanas tend to interact positively with their owners and some will even sleep next to their masters. This is in contrast to owning other lizards or snakes. Once iguanas are tamed, then even strangers can hold them comfortably with no problems. You could even dress your iguana up in a silly outfit if you wish to have a quick laugh.

3. Iguanas live long.

The great thing about owning an iguana is that you can feel secure to know that it will live up to 20 years like cats or dog. It is painful to lose a pet after a short time of bonding and becoming emotionally attached to it. Iguanas can stay with you for a very long time and it’s also good because you will be investing a lot of money toward its medicine, veterinary service and cage supplies in addition to your emotional investments.

4. Don’t have to worry about annoying hair or fur balls.

Iguanas are great pets for asthmatics because they do not shed any hair or fur that can make you sick. You also don’t need to worry about getting hair or fur off your clothes each time you play with your pet.

5. Iguanas are very educational.

If you teach your children about the various requirements for iguana care, then they may find it quite fascinating to help you in your task. You should teach them about food, temperature, illnesses, places of origin etc. Because iguanas are distant relatives of dinosaurs, taking care of them will provide children with a base to study their prehistoric creatures. Iguanas also make good subjects for research and “Show and Tell”.

There are many reasons to become a dedicated iguana owner. Why don’t you try take on the challenge? I guarantee that the reward will be extensive. So next time you go to your local pet shop be sure to enquire about getting a new iguana and adding it to your family.

Rob Stevenson is an iguana enthusiast. To learn more about Iguana Pets feel free to visit

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