Butterfly Tattoo

There are a few reasons why people choose to have a butterfly tattoo. To some, the meaning of a butterfly is symbolic and it represents a defining moment in their lives. Others choose butterflies only because they are so beautiful and make gorgeous tattoos.

So what is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly? These lovely winged creatures have many meanings and they are different in many cultures:

Transformation, regeneration, change or flight – The metamorphosis of a butterfly from an egg, to a caterpillar, to pupa and then to a beautiful adult butterfly can be symbolic for someone that has had a drastic change in their lives Beauty and grace – In Japan they are a popular symbol for young girls who are emerging into beautiful young women Guidance in change – When Native Americans see a butterfly, this is what it signifies to them Marital bliss and harmony – In China it is believed that they will bring happiness to married couples A human soul – In Christianity a butterfly stands for the soul that has escaped the confines of the flesh while in Greece a human soul is born each time a butterfly emerges from its cocoon Dead souls waiting to go into purgatory – Is how Ireland views them Joy and happiness – Asians keep many pictures and paintings of butterflies to have a happy home

As you can see butterflies have various meanings to different cultures and people, but you may just want one because they are so pretty. There are so many color choices for these designs that you can literally let your imagination run wild when choosing them. You can also add flowers, hearts, a name or even have several butterflies grouped together.

Women especially are fond of butterfly tattoos because of their femininity and grace. They also look great in just about anyplace you want to put them. Popular design locations are ankle, foot, wrist, stomach, back, shoulder and arm. You can also get this tattoo in any size imaginable from small to large.  Whatever choice you make for your butterfly tattoo, it will be a beautiful work of art that you will love forever.

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