Michael Jackson – Another Animal in a Cage

Millions of people are sad now that the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson is dead. People will be talking for months about his music, childhood, and the wonderful talent and life he was given. In the background, a major battle over his children’s custody, estate, music rights, and money is already starting to unfold. Few will think of Michael Jackson and see the tragic and tormented person his life in the light of fame hid.

Michael Jackson started singing with “The Jackson Five” when he was six years old. Forty five years he was in the spot light, and in those years he became just another animal in a cage for people to view. So many wish they had the life of fame and fortune, but no one really saw the man in the mirror.

What tragic things in life people never saw with his life was he was just a animal in a cage. All the things you and I take for granted and don’t even think even twice about, he never had and all the money in the world would never buy it for him. What am I talking about?

Michael Jackson was a prisoner in his own little world, never allowed to escape. For example, you and I take for granted that we can go to the mall, park, movies, and just about anywhere alone and no one will even look twice at us. He couldn’t leave his house or go outside without body guards, photographers, press, and other people. Not that he wanted them there, but he fame demanded them to be there.

How often do you go out for a midnight run for food, just because you got the munchies watching some movies with friends? How many times did you go get ice cream at night just to go somewhere? What about just going to the mall to buy a CD? We take these things for granted; Michael Jackson never got to know them. He didn’t get to hang out with friends in front of a drive in or mall.

As a guy he didn’t get to do anything guys his age did the entire time he was alive. As a teenager he never asked girls out and went on dates, had a guy’s night out, or just hung out at the lake with friends. He was a carefully guarded person; it was an all day event just for him to go to the mall if it could be arranged at all. What kind of life does a person have if they can’t be just “one of the crowd” at times, always being in the spotlight?

Most people see Michael Jackson as a legendary figure carved forever now in music history. It will be forgotten the horrible things he endured behind the scenes. It will be forgotten; the lonely, isolated, and secret tormented fantasy world in which he lived. Always being pressured to be the great music legend that everyone saw in him, few will remember or know the trapped animal he was because of the fame. Locked away from the world in his own custom built fantasy, he spiraled down to a low of drugs, stress, and death.

It is said that, if we forget the history of our past, it is due to be repeated. That being said, I can only look at Michael Jackson and think of another young man who came to the top of fame. A musician that because of his fame died of heart problems as a result of prescription drugs, he was also trapped like an animal in a cage. Locked away from the public’s eye only to be viewed for money and trapped against his will and the normal life of regular people. He also spiraled down to drugs, stress, and death as his fame increased. What was his name? He’s the “King of Rock & Roll”, Elvis Aaron Presley.

Sara Ferguson

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