Tips on Proper Iguana Care!

If you are planning on purchasing a pet iguana, or you already have one then this article is for you. You may not know it but iguanas require specialized care that is different from other pets. Even though they seem like they can take care of themselves, because of their aggressive and robust natures, in captivity they rely on their owners to help them survive and stay healthy.

You should read up on pet iguanas, consult professionals, and spend lots of time to simply get to know your new friend. Also make sure that the information you receive is from a reliable source because there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about taking care of iguanas and this can gravely affect your pet’s life. Check that the guidelines you use, whether from a book or the internet, are approved and written by experts in the field. Also read up about the myths surrounding pet iguanas to help you get a better understanding of what could go wrong.

It is best to purchase an iguana while it is still a baby as you can easily observe it for a few weeks and take notes about its habits and changes, as it grows. It will probably be quite traumatic for your new iguana to adapt to its strange new environment so don’t worry if you cannot handle it for the first few weeks. Once you start taming it, things will go much more smoothly.

The next step is to find a suitable vet for your new pet so that it can be checked up regularly and get treated when it’s ill. Some vets specialize in iguanas and those would obviously be the best choices but if you don’t have access to a specialized vet, then a normal vet should do fine.

You can buy special iguana pet food from the pet store but you can also provide your pet with vegetables and fruit from the fruit shop. Remember that iguanas are strictly herbivores even though you may read information that says otherwise. The best option is to stick to feeding only vegetable matter. It is also important to regularly supply fresh food and water. The number of times per day is not too crucial; rather the content of the food and whether it is sufficient is what counts to keep your pet healthy.

You should supply a large habitat for your iguana because it will grow four times as big as it was as a baby and it will grow fast. Your iguana will be full grown within 2 to 3 years.

Another thing to remember is that hygiene and cleanliness plays an important role in your iguana’s health. Clean the living area and your pet on a regular basis in order to prevent parasites that can lead to illness and foul odor.

Finally expenses are going to be critical with regards to your iguana. You should know about all the finances you will need to invest before you purchase an iguana and be sure that you will have enough to provide for it.

Iguanas are beautiful pets and if given proper care and attention, they can live close to 20 years in captivity. So remember to have fun and provide lots of love to your iguana and you will have a great companion for years to come.

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