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People are so sensitive now. TOO sensitive. It makes me wonder what they would do if they had to ACTUALLY struggle. Most of this angst really is First World Problem meme-fodder.I think about people who had to endure horrible things, such as LGBT+ folks during the AIDS crisis, Jewish people during the Holocaust, black folks under Jim Crow (all in recent memory for many), et al, and I wonder if the current group of finger-waggers would survive such calamities at all. They seem to have very little grit. Grit is what powers us through the bad.Sometimes you have to endure HORRIBLE things to get to the good. And sometimes no one is there to help. No one is going to rescue you. Nothing is going to save you. So you make it through one moment at a time and try to live to see another day. Not everyone is a hero, and sometimes it’s imprudent to “resist” if you are an ostracized member of the outgroup.This whole recent dogmatic myth that you can just “resist” and stop something from happening is a fallacy (the “wrong side of history” mantra–history hasn’t happened yet, so there can be no side; besides, if you vilify the “other side” you become what you’re fighting in many cases). Sometimes one doesn’t really grok what’s going on until it’s too late, even if you’re fully engaged. Practically everyone claims now to be a do-gooder: People shouting their righteousness are the ones that give me the greatest pause, however. That’s a classic tactic of religion, and I hate all religions.So, I guess be careful trading away certain freedoms or liberties, because they can then be weaponized against you once you–inevitably–become the new outgroup. Because it WILL happen, and it will likely come as a shock.That’s what I’ve seen and learned at any rate. —

August 26, 2018 at 07:23PM
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