Colorado police shoo away home-invading raccoon

Colorado police shoo away home-invading raccoon

Aug. 17 (UPI) — Law enforcement in Colorado removed a raccoon that broke into a family’s home early Thursday morning.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office shared video of officers attempting to corral the home-invading raccoon with a long pole as they jokingly told the animal to “stop resisting.”

“Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sackett and Canon City Police Department Officer Ownbey negotiating and apprehending a barricaded subject out of a house in Camon City early this morning,” the sheriff’s office said.

Officers eventually managed to snare the raccoon and assured it “we’re just gonna get you out of here, that’s all,” as they led it out.

Once the raccoon was outside of the home, officers made it clear the animal was not welcome to come back.

“The suspect was warned to not come back and released,” the sheriff’s office said.


Published at Thu, 17 Aug 2017 19:07:05 +0000

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