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Here’s what I can’t figure out…Say you get along well with someone interpersonally. Say you like one another a lot, even. Have known one another for a long time, and have been friends for that duration. But then you come to find out that they have differing political beliefs than you do (perhaps they changed, or perhaps you changed; perhaps you never knew what they thought/believed before, etc). Nothing insane, fringe, or radical, just not the same as yours.At that point you decide to no longer be friends with them, or to only interact with them if it is a necessity. Even though the other party wishes to remain on good terms, you determine that the friendship has ended over their BELIEFS (or perhaps their articulation of them), not how they treat you or others.Isn’t that the same as ending a friendship (or other relationship) over a difference in something like religion or sexual orientation? I see no substantive difference. The other party’s beliefs or actions don’t directly injure you or anyone else, in other words: They simply differ.Can anyone explain why a political difference should justify changing the way you treat the other person, esp if they have not changed they way they treat you or others? —

August 15, 2018 at 02:16PM
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