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Are you (like me) bored with GAME OF THRONES and THE WALKING DEAD? Even sort of meh on AMERICAN HORROR STORY at this late date (if it’s even still on…)?Likewise, are you tired of the lack of news happening on the cable channels, which has become overrun by talking head analysts handwringing over every move the current administration is making (I mean, there is more to life than the US political situation, hello)? Then I herewith present a few recent show recommendations to escape the doldrums of reality as we know it:HARLOTS (Hulu) – I cannot rec this effort highly enough. Brilliant in every way. Kudos to the interesting female perspective and woman-centric production talent on display, also.CASTLE ROCK (Hulu) – Promising start after a couple shows. Better than I expected, and certainly better than some things that have been adapted from King’s work in the past.MINDHUNTER (Netflix) – Outstanding series. Must watch. One of the best shows on at the moment.THE ALIENIST (TNT) – Very good. Quite a compelling show, if a bit too modern at times with respect to conceptions and characterizations.THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE (Amazon) – One of the finest shows on TV, and excellent with regard to writing, production design, everything. Fantastic (and oddly prescient with respect to current political issues).GLOW (Netflix) – Really interesting. Just a few in on this one, but overall liking it. —

August 09, 2018 at 08:30PM
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