Iguana Temperatures In The Habitat

Iguanas are very delicate in the way that the iguana temperature in the habitat is of the utmost importance. This is due to the fact that in the wild, iguanas get their vitamins and nutrients from basking in the hot sun and although it looks like they are being lazy and lethargic, they are actually gathering life-sustaining nutrients.

It is also true that an iguana can actually see the UV rays that are emitted from the sun, which is something that humans cannot do to demonstrate how imperative sunlight and heat are to the iguana. In order to understand how to properly regulate iguana temperature in the habitat, lets examine the essential needs of the iguana in captivity.

Proper Heat & Light For Captive Iguanas

There are a number of products available to help regulate the iguana temperature rates inside of the habitat but first, lets outline a few of the misconceptions that are common among new iguana owners.

The fish tank lights that are typically a part of the package comes with a fluorescent UVB light that fixes to the top of the tank is far from the adequate lighting for an iguana. These are very weak and do not give the iguana temperature much difference as they are basically ‘cool’ lights. The type of UVB light that an iguana requires to maintain proper iguana temperature is typically an incandescent light that is round in structure for heat as well as the UVB fluorescent light that will supply adequate lighting for the iguana.

The fish tank lights are not sufficient in creating the kind of atmosphere that an iguana is comfortable in or can thrive in so be sure that you have proper lighting. Again, the iguana temperature is a direct correlation with the health of the iguana and is incredibly important to the well being of the iguana. It should also be said that the fluorescent UVB light should be placed at least 8-14 inches from the area that the iguana spends most of its time in.

Many first time iguana owners also believe that the entire habitat needs to be the same temperature and this is a complete falsehood as iguana temperature varies just as it would in the wild. The iguana is not only in need of a hot spot to gather UV rays that are imitated by the heating lamps; it is also in need of a cool area.

The cool area as well as the nighttime iguana temperature should be around 74-85 degrees Fahrenheit while the basking area for the iguana should always be a balmy 90-94 degrees Fahrenheit.
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