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Party Purity is for idiots, left or right.As an example: I have a fanbase (incredible, I know). Personally, I don’t care WHAT they believe, even if it conflicts with my own beliefs. That’s because I want to reach as many people as possible (I’m a whore, not a purist). Excluding certain folks because we don’t share the same beliefs is not only dumb in my estimation, but it also blunts my reach. If that happens, there is no meaningful dialogue. If there is no dialogue, we don’t exchange ideas. If we don’t exchange ideas, I can’t change the way they view the world. Which means my art is not disseminated, which means I have failed as a creator. Period. (In other words: I’m preaching to the converted, which is very limiting.)Though I am personally a liberal, a leftist, and a Democrat, I have family and friends who are conservative, right-wing, and Republican. Fine by me. Even though we disagree, it’s their life. I can’t control their thoughts, beliefs, or actions (nor do I want to; I enjoy things being mixed and challenging, actually). Trying to shout them down is a waste of time and effort; I can only attempt to influence them to reconsider. And, sometimes, I can understand their concerns and empathize.To create something means that you create for EVERYONE, not just an elitist subset. What they do with it is not the creator’s call, be it film, music, art, literature, or what have you. Even if what some people read into or do with your creation is negative or against your core principles. You can’t be a true artist and also limit or censor what others do with your output or message.If you want to do that, become a hermit. (Or join a clique, which is the current fashion for the nebulous and insecure cowards of the moment.) —

July 06, 2018 at 10:52PM
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