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With a few situations being resolved, I’m starting to get back on several projects that had to be sidelined for a bit. They are as follows (more details later on some of these):01) Publishing an anthology (GASLIGHT GHOULS). 02) Publishing a novel for an author (one of two for the same writer, with the second out by Halloween or so; more details soon). 03) Completing another anthology as co-editor (with scholar S. T. Joshi) that we’re shopping around entitled FUTURE WEIRD. 04) Finishing three issues (#4, #5, #6) of our digest NAMELESS (overdue, but life keeps getting in the way… most of it is all done, so now it’s proofing). 05) A few needed home upgrades and repairs (luckily I’m handy). 06) Assisting William F. Nolan on his memoirs (called NOLAN’S RUN). 07) Editing a collection of Nolan essays for Dark Regions Press (entitled WRITING AS LIFE). 08 ) Also editing/compiling Nolan’s forthcoming short fiction collection (CARNIVAL OF SHADOWS). 09) Finishing a novel (one in a trilogy) for my agent called (UNSUB). 10) Completing three or four short story requests, as well as a few nonfiction pieces. 11) Beginning research for two major nonfiction books I’m planning for 2019 (secret for now). 12) Finally getting the documentary wrapped (IMAGE, REFLECTION, SHADOW: ARTISTS OF THE FANTASTIC) with Sunni. We plan to drop a trailer and poster in a month or so. 13) Another project (secret for the moment) working as a co-editor. Should be quite compelling once everything falls into place. 14) A short novel (less than 50K words) I’m finishing called THE KELLEN DIARIES. 15) A major LOGAN’S RUN announcement (no, not the film; something else). 16) Probably something I’m forgetting… but so it goes. It’ll be enough to have all this done by the end of the year. There are other things in the pipeline, too, that are coming out over the course of year. —

July 05, 2018 at 04:40PM
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