Iguana Supplies – Some Accessories You Should Include In Iguana Habitats

There are a few things that an iguana habitat must provide in order for you iguana to survive: controlled temperature and humidity, proper lights for heat and UV rays, and of course enough space for your iguana to be comfortable. But these are really just the basics for survival – to really thrive, your iguana will need a few other things for it’s comfort and health. If you want your iguana to have the healthiest possible life, you’ll need to accessorize it’s habitat with the following:

1) Substrates – this is the material used to cover the surface of your iguana’s habitat. The number one thing to keep in mind for the substrate is your iguana’s safety. You should never use any kind of material that might harm your iguana if it should accidentally (or on purpose!) eat it. Remember that iguana’s flick their tongues constantly to test their environment. Anything like gravel, sand or wood chips can stick to the tongue and be ingested by your iguana, and this can be very dangerous.

The substrate you choose should also be easy to clean. Try using newspaper (blank or with non-toxic ink) or paper towels. You can also try using artificial grass or tight weave indoor/outdoor carpeting, and some people prefer using vinyl tiles which can be very easy to clean.

Basking and climbing supplies – your iguana is an arboreal creature, meaning that it lives most its life in the trees. A proper iguana habitat will provide plenty of branches and shelves to allow the iguana opportunities for climbing and give it space to lay out and bask in the sun or under heating lamps.

If you include branches in your iguana habitat, you should provide some that are big enough for your iguana to lie on comfortably. You should also cover them with some sort of material that will help them in climbing. One option is to cover the branches with carpeting. The branches will also serve as basking places for your iguana. These spots are where your iguana will go to in order to relax.

3) Food and water dishes – you should provide your iguana with dishes for food and water. Although iguanas are not really inclined to drink often, it is still important that you provide them with a source of fresh water daily.

Apart from drinking water, iguanas also like to soak in it. It’s best if you can provide a tub of water that is big enough for the iguana to get into without tipping over. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s shallow enough to avoid drowning. Remember that iguanas will often prefer to do their bathroom duties in the water, so you must be responsible for keeping the water clean and the basin sanitized.

4) Like people, iguanas sometimes like to have their privacy too. To that end, you should provides some sort of hiding area in the habitat. This could consist of a large rock, a log, or even a small leaning piece of plywood; any sort of shelter that provides the iguana a little bit of privacy.

These supplies will provide your iguana with the best possible habitat. You’ll also be providing a home that gives your iguana a sense of safety and security, leading to less stress and better health.
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