Organ transplantation: an important stream under medical education

Medical education incorporates a lot of streams, such as medical sciences, medicines, surgeries, treatments, etc. An individual aiming to become a medical expert can either go for a general stream or can become specialized in any particular branch. One such important branch under medical education is organ transplantation. For candidates to become an expert in this stream, specialized training is required at a good medical institute. Those gaining the training in this course are known to be organ transplantation specialists. The institutes provide training on various kinds of transplantation, namely:
* Complex Hepatobiliary surgery
* Gastroenterology and adult herpetology
* Liver transplantation for adult and children suffering from chronic liver failure
* Pediatric herpetology service (includes Biliary surgery and transplant)
* Peritoneal and complicated vascular access procedure
* Renal transplantation in children and adults (includes lap donor nephrectuny)
* Cadaveric and liver transplant

Pancreas, liver and biliary surgery:
The medical institutes or hospitals offering such training must have huge experience in surgery conditions which affect gallbladder, liver, biliary tree (tumors), pancreas, jaundice.

The training of liver transplant:
An infected liver failure patient can be suddenly attacked by jaundice, leading to coma, whereas chronic liver diseases may lead to hepatitis B or C, due to excess intake of alcohol, inherited metabolic conditions, primary Bellary cirrhosis, etc. The institutes address these issues and train the candidates in curing many acute liver failures.

Chronic liver failure is unresponsive to any kind of medical treatment and thus requires liver transplantation. Such trainings are conducted in laboratories with special equipments and technology. After training, the students need to serve as interns and assistants to get the practical experience in specialized liver ICUs.

Such surgeries and trainings are conducted in various hospitals and medical institutes. Such training institutes should be backed by special facilities for Liver transplantation surgeries for adult, children and aged people suffering from liver failure.

A trainee or an expert in organ transplantation stream needs to know various intricacies of organ transplant. The medical education institutes will also instruct and teach them about the source of the transplant, i.e. who will be the donor.

The two types of donors are:
* The main group from living relation of the patient and matching blood group
* The patients who are brain dead, the family members of whom have given consent for the transplant.
Organ transplant specialist also need to have the following knowledge, offered at the medical education institutes, such as Pediatric Gastroenterology, nutrition service and hepatology. These include:

* The liver transplant at the end stage.
* Services for nutritional rehabilitation, investigation, management of patients suffering from chronic and acute liver disease.
* Services for after operative care of liver transplantation.

Training of Immunology and Histopathology testing for organ transplantation experts:
The medical students are offered such testing procedures, which are required for transplantation. The institutes or the hospitals consist of skilled pathologies for renal pathology and exact diagnosis of rejection. The trainings given for histopathology and immunology include:
* Cross matching and HLA.
* Post transplant monitoring of drug level.
* Histopathology along with specialized stains for immunochemistry and immune-florescence.
It is an extremely difficult branch of medical education and requires detailed training and knowledge. This branch is meant only for the interested candidates, since it requires expertise. NIHE India is one of the leading medical entrance coaching institute in Norther India with several branches spread across cities for great results in medical coaching classes
NIHE India is one of the leading medical entrance coaching institute in Norther India with several branches spread across cities for great results in medical coaching classes
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