Gothic Lovecraft

Product Description
This fascinating anthology contains all unpublished works–with the sole exception of one fine reprint which exemplifies the theme of the book–fusing the idioms of Lovecraft and the Gothic tradition by promising newcomers and outstanding veterans alike: Donald R. Burleson – “The Shadow over Lear” Don Webb – “The Revelation at the Abbey” Jonathan Thomas – “Old Goodman Brown” Lois H. Gresh – “Square of the Inquisition” John Shirley – “The Rime of the Cosmic Mariner” Mollie L. Burleson – “A Yuletide Carol” Donald Tyson – “Curse of the House of Usher” Mark Howard Jones – “The Rolling of Old Thunder” Nancy Kilpatrick – “Always a Castle?” Caitlín R. Kiernan – “As Red as Red” (reprint) Robert S. Wilson – “Four Arches” Gwyneth Jones – “The Old Schoolhouse” Orrin Grey – “Dream House” Lynda E. Rucker – “The Unknown Chambers” Presented with high-quality paper, and printed with 100% vegetable inks using windpower; printed and bound in the USA.

Price: $49.95

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