All The Unknown Secrets Of Iguanas

Español: Iguana verde adulta
Español: Iguana verde adulta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The most common iguana is the green iguana and is easily recognized with its bright green color. Like most iguanas it also contains the traditional spikes running down the centre of its back. Most of you will know that iguanas are masters of camouflage and have the ability to change color to fit their surroundings. This is their only defense against some of their predators and they use quite effectively.There are in fact 8 types of iguanas in total. They include the Galapagos marine iguana, the Fiji banded iguana, the land iguana, ground or rock iguanas, the desert iguana, the common green iguana, the rock dwelling iguana and the spiny-tailed iguana. Many of these are of course protected species as their numbers have quickly been dropping over the period of the last century, mainly due to the destruction of their natural habitats. ie. Rainforests.Of course as you may well know, iguanas are also commonly kept as pets and are one of the most unusual things you might see lazing around in someone’s house. The thing that attracts most people to keeping an iguana as a pet is the fact they can be trained to live outside of a cage unlike some other reptiles such as snakes and tortoises.Generally they are one of the easiest pets to take care of as they are very clean and extremely independent. They require small amounts of food and are prone to very few diseases. If there is one thing to look out for it is the fact that like most other reptiles they carry salmonella in their digestive tract that may cause disease. Therefore it is recommended that you wash your hands after you have come in contact with one.With that said however there is a very small chance that you will contract anything too nasty and what difference is it from owning a dog or a cat, most pets carry disease and it’s recommended that you wash yourself after coming into contact with most animals. If you think an iguana would be perfect for you, then you can buy one from most local pet stores.If you don’t want to buy your iguana from the local pet store then you have another option. You can look for breeder in your area. This is actually a better idea as most pet stores sell iguanas that a cross breeds and usually don’t live for as long.
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