A Frog That Inspired a Whole Village

“Once upon a time, there was a fire in a village, but no one tried to extinguish it. A wise man went to them and said “Why don’t you people learn from that small frog”. They all looked at the frog and was amazed by the sight they saw. This frog goes to the pond, fill its mouth with water, come towards the fire as closer it can go, and then spit out the water. It goes back to the pond and the whole process repeats.

By seeing this, the villagers were all motivated and they immediately brought in big vessels and worked together to extinguish the fire – Within an hour, the fire was gone.


1) Frog tried its best though he knew he can’t finish it alone.
2) The frog inspired a whole village to do something which the frog himself can never do it alone”

Let me ask you this question “If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be ?” What is that one thing which you feel you could make a remarkable difference in the world. For a second, don’t think about “how” to get it. But the focus is “what”.

We all have to leave this world. Years later, we will be no more in this world. What is that you want to leave behind, that changed the world and will continue to change the world. What is the answer you have. Here are few answers.

“I’d teach every child in the world to read. I believe the ability to read will open the door to all other learning and personal growth”

“I will use my writing skills to write about good and forbid evil and true path of our life salvation and publish them for free. I will translate life changing books from other languages to English.”

“I will make a multimillion dollar company. Then, I will create a charitable foundation and reach out to poor and needy in the third world countries and around the world”

“I am a medical doctor, and I will come up with a cure to a disease that no one has found a cure till now. This will change the way millions live”

“I will keep aside 5% of my salary every month towards helping poor and needy”

“I will enter politics and use my interpersonal skills to bring good to the society and the world”

When I say world – it don’t mean the whole world (It could also mean the whole world). The world may be your living environment. It could be your friends who feel so great to have you as their friend. It could be the people who live around you. The society or the country you belong to. It could be just your own family. Or it could be – as I said before – the whole world.

Every one of us have some interest and skills. When we connect these interest to the skills, we find our life work. We are given lot of blessings in terms of skills and talents. Each person is given some unique talent or passion. These are given to help us find and achieve our life work.

Deep within us lies a treasure. That will assist us with our life work. It is like finding diamond inside a stone. The Gem is within us. And it can be taken out, sharpened and then that gem will guide us to our life work.

This is the life work we are going to leave back once we go. The life work which will represent us in this world for the great legacy we left back. A legacy that will live beyond our life. A legacy that changed the world for ever. At least we can be the frog who inspired and saved a whole village – in his own way.

Sijith Salim. I maintain my personal success blog website http://www.sijith.com

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