Halloween Animal Care

Halloween is almost at your doorstep and you seem to be worried about your pet pup or the cute kittens as they are sure to be frightened. Well the first best thing you do after buying your pet animal a Halloween costume is to have them put it on and caress them lovingly. After you do that be sure to confine them to a room as they cannot be safe in the yard or anywhere outside the house.

The best safe bet for your pet is home but if you have to take them out do have a short leash on them so they don’t run away because of the huge commotion outside. Keep your pets away from strangers as you cannot predict their activities on Halloween night. Those of you having a cat especially the black ones be extra careful don’t take them outside just make them confined to a room a week before Halloween so they get used to it. Halloween nights are those when people go crazy so with belief in wizardry they might hurt or kill your cat as a sacrifice.

The other important thing is when you have visitors at your home at a Halloween party it is sure to get going till the wee hours of morning with drinks. So get your pet to his cozy bed and lock him up for one night as there maybe mischief mongers who may feed your pets with alcohol which they don’t prefer and the pets may get intoxicated. The pets also should not be fed with hallo9ween candies even if they appear to have a liking over them as even that cause intoxication to them. If you are having a candle on a pumpkin be sure your pet is nowhere near it as they may create a haywire fire.

The last important thing is be sure you don’t force your pet to wear a Halloween costume some of the pets don’t like having them on you may think they look very cute in it but if they appear uncomfortable don’t force it on as they may get restless and do something. Give them their comfort zone. Also try to avoid putting masks on your pets as they might find it tough to perform respiration. The pet shop owners to be careful by not selling cats during this time as there are a lot of crazy people out there who want to harm them.

It is better to take these steps to care for your pet rather than later repenting in the vet

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