New Jason V Brock FB Post

You know… some people (esp “writers”) are so very GRIM on FB. I elect to eschew that pretense!Have a laugh… a sense of humor… a life outside the digital and pseudo-intellectual college domains! I mean, we only live once (that we know of), so why be negative? Why try to harm others? Because some of you are inadequate? Are petty? Are talentless hacks? Are people with no vision with nothing to say? Because you are only careerist assholes DOOMED to be swallowed by inevitable oblivion? Because you are pastiche-riddled miscreants? Or somnambulant hacks posturing as people with something to say, even as you live in your parents’ basements, or work for manga companies and pretend you’re intelligent and witty? Because you do a “symposium” or have podcasts? HAHAH! As if! We KNOW you are morons! It’s OK! We just shake our heads and wonder why you persist on “writing” your claptrap drivel! But so it goes!HAHAH! Like these things matter! Relax! Loosen your sphincter, for Pete’s sake! No one reads you and CERTAINLY no one respects you (or your silly SJW buffoonery), so lighten up, have a drink (or some Kava), and chill. 🙂 —

April 01, 2018 at 09:17PM
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